Papa M'Butu

Clan: Nosferatu Vampire: The Requiem
Covenant: Circle of the Crone

Given Name:
Simbi M'Butu
Growing up in Jazztown, then called the 9th Ward, Simbi saw how much power money wielded in accomplishing anything and resolved to become an accomplished businessman. Using every ounce of his charisma and charm and working tirelessly for many years, Simbi became the best craftsman and primary manager for the grizzled old Houngan who owned the largest Voodoo shop in the 9th Ward. In his desire to retire from business the Houngan allowed Simbi to purchase his shop with a loan he obtained from a local bank. Under new management the shop flourished even further allowing Simbi to repay his loan and go even further in purchasing another shop and hiring even more people to work for him. Always an activist, he's known throughout Jazztown as an eager supporter of charities, donating a sizable sum toward the renovation and renaming of the 9th Ward to Jazztown. Papa M'Butu
Simbi Since his Embrace and introduction to the Vampire culture, Simbi has been drawn like a shark to blood towards every new opportunity and pleasure that Kindred life has to offer. He seems to relish every opportunity to use many of his new found powers to influence and attract those around him. Tabitha, resident Heirophant for the Circle, has placed a great deal of trust in her Childe and he is absolutely resolved to prove her trust is well placed and he is fully capable of anything she might ask. To this end, his two new ghouls are his two most dedicated followers, friends and employees, being his business manager and master craftsman.
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Karaethon's Profile
A Beginning
Simbi was born to his parents Danso and Tawiah M'Butu in his native Ghana. Simbi was named after Simbi Makaya, the sorcerer-husband of Erzulie Dantor, the Loa, or spirit-protector of women and small children. While still in his youth, Simbi's father Danso was killed by a radical military organization that violently opposed Voodoo and targeted him not only because of his position as houngan asogwe, or Voodoo high priest but because he was relatively well educated and was a major supporter of education/reform. After the tragedy of losing her husband and the father of her only son, Tawiah moved with her son to New Orleans. Wanting to keep Simbi active in the Voodoo community she regaled him growing up with stories of his father's accomplishments as Houngan, educator and political figure. Tawiah passed away some years ago of heart failure but Simbi remembers her with great respect as he's progressed in his father's footsteps.
Simbi's father Danso

Erzulie Dantor To the left is the symbol of Erzulie Dantor, the Loa, or spirit, with whom Simbi identifies and worships the most. She is the protector of women and children and represents all things desirable, creative and feminine. She is considered to transcend humanity by having both an eternally fertile and exceedingly fruitful womb and retaining her virginity.

Simbi M'Butu has been a follower of Tabitha's for more than a decade. Roughly ten years ago, he was promoted to Houngan Sur Pwen, or junior voodoo priest, along with being ghouled by Tabitha. Over the last decade he has worked tirelessly for the Swamp Witch and her interests, protection of what was the Baron's and is now Tabitha's land/swamp, along with moving up further in the ranks of Voodoo to Houngan Asogwe, or High Priest. Most recently, both because of his leading of a ritual so impressive to Tabitha and the looming confrontation with the Matriarch, a legendarily powerful and old Vampire, Tabitha embraced Simbi. Doing so, she used the right of childe that her sire, the Baron Cimitiere, had reserved for her for nearly two decades. Sire: Tabitha Devereux Tabitha symbolizes all that Simbi works towards. A powerful figure for the mundane community, deeply versed in the art of blood magic and voodoo, both trusted and feared in the Awakened community. Simbi is incredibly grateful for his Sire in a great many ways. Her ability to see his true potential. Her desire to teach him all she knows without limiting his independant desires and studies. Her intention to pass on so much of her legacy as Swamp Witch and Circle Heirophant. Simbi has great plans for Jazztown, the Circle of the Crone and New Orleans and Tabitha has put those goals so much closer with her decision to Embrace Simbi as her Childe.
Nosferatu Circle of the Crone
A devastatingly handsome and charming vampire Prince. He sees what he wants and the he takes it. Simbi would love to hear more about his rise to Princedom, the charisma and force of personality that it would take to run an entire city, that city being Las Vegas even. Simbi is more than willing to take cues, among other things, from this man. Simbi would gladly see Mason a citizen of New Orleans, but then they say hunger is the best seasoning of all and we wouldn't want things to get boring now, would we? Mason
Prince of Las Vegas
Mason's Profile
Daeva - Circle of the Crone
The Circle's newest addition, Simbi views her as both a resource and competition. Simbi's determined to prove his superiority in Circle business. He's enjoyed their occasional dalliances, though at times she could use a lesson or two in class. He might just be interested in providing that lesson, in a more personal, one on one kind of setting. One thing he won't get bored of is her speaking of his prowess, which she seems to do with some relish. All in all, Nina could prove to be quite valuable. if she doesn't, she has at least proven to be enjoyable.
Kwame Nkrumah
Cimitiere Ghoul
Kwame is Simbi's most favored craftsman, his skill being only second to Simbi himself. Like Simbi Kwame was born in Ghana but moved to New Orleans just six years ago. He still struggles with english though that could be a result of stubbornness to learn it. Kwame sought Simbi out to make up for his father's failure. Kwame's father was responsible Danso's protection when Danso was killed. Seeking a position as Simbi's bodyguard, because of the less volatile culture and society surrounding Voodoo in New Orleans, Simbi instead placed him as a craftsman in his voodoo shop where Kwame excelled beyond any expectations. Kwame takes his dedication and Loyalty to Simbi, some say, to extreme levels as though he must make up for his father's failure, regardless of Simbi's insistence otherwise.
Simbi's Ghoul Kwame
Simbi's first Ghoul, Diana serves him in all things business and financial. While she is familiar with Voodoo and it's practices, she is not particularly spiritual or religious> She is out to prove she is the best at what she does and is in the position she's in because of her talent at business alone. Any suggestions her feminine wiles were involved are rebuffed, quite firmly. Simbi has been leaning on her more and more of late because of his involvement in the Circle of the Crone and his greatly increased to expand his businesses. She has met these new challenges before her with the fervor with which she obtained her position. Diana Gashi
Cimitiere Ghoul
Ayako's Profile
Power Intelligence: XXXOO Strength: XXOOO Presence: XXXOO
Finesse Wits: XXXOO Dexterity: XXOOO Manipulation: XXXOO
Resistance Resolve: XXOOO Stamina: XXXOO Composure: XXXOO
Mental Skills
Physical Skills
Larceny XXOOO
Stealth XXXOO
Survival XOOOO
Weaponry XXOOO
Social Skills
Animal Ken XOOOO
Empathy XXXOO
Expression XXOOO
Intimidation XXOOO
Persuasion XOOOO
Socialize XXOOO
Subterfuge XXOOO
Other Traits
Health:7 Blood Potency:3
Willpower:5 Humanity:5
Resources: XXXOO
Status: XXXOO
Cruac Altar: XXOOO
Fast Reflexes: XXOOO
Fleet of Foot: XOOOO
In Love: XOOOO
Auspex XOOOO
Obsfucate XOOOO
Celerity XOOOO
Animalism XOOOO
Nightmare XOOOO
Majesty XXXOO
Favored Ritual Tools
African Short Short Ritual Chalice Ritual Athame
African Short Sword Ritual Chalice Ritual Chalice

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