Mage: The Awakening

Christian Name:
William Hale Bauer
William, or Raeth as his friends call him, is a Thyrsus, an awakened mage of the Path of Ecstasy whose supernal domain is the Primal wild which gives him a natural talent for arcane talents encompassing all living things and dealing with spirits and their realm. Through his extensive personal study he has advanced far into the Arcana of Space and Mind giving him the ability to warp distances and dimensions as well as manipulate his and other's mental state. He dabbles in the magical fields of Death and Matter, but does very little beyond enhancing his main studies and practices in magic. His cabal is the Order of the Silver Veil, an old and respected cabal name, passed to them from the last living member at the time, Tiamat an Obrimos who is mentor to Erin Petrakis, the Cabal's leader. Raeth at work
Karaethon's Profile
Karaethon's Profile Raeth's a unique mage in that he follow's what's called a legacy. Also known as Soul-Sculpting, A legacy is the practice of refining certain magics such that they originates from the legacy mage's soul instead of the supernal realm that is the source of most magic. This is thought to be because the mage draws a small piece of the Supernal Realm and combines it with his soul, thus why it is called soul crafting. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. Once done, this change can never be undone, traded out, given away. Raeth is further unique in that instead of following an existing legacy like the Tamers of Water, he chose to create his own, to forge from scratch his own form of crafting one's soul. He chose to call it the Blood Shaman Legacy because of it's focuse on blood, it's properties and his way of influencing the things it interacts with. He was inspired to create this by a woman whom he considers to be his personal muse, who is incredibly inspiring to him even just by being present in his life. Her name is Isharu

Friends, Contacts and Relationships
Raeth loves his sister more than anything, as evidenced by his rushing into a burning building after her. Because of her recent stint in the hospital and having lost so many friends, he talked her about moving in with him. She agreed, at least until she gets back on her feet. They've always shared a connection, as twins often do, no matter how long it has been since they last saw each other, they fall back to the same roles of awkward, protective older brother and understanding and patient younger sister. Growing up they even spoke Cryptolalia, the technical term for what is commonly called Twinspeak, a language developed by and is entirely unique to each set of twins. Occasionally, if excited or exceptionally emotional about an argument or conversation, they'll slip back into it. These days he's just grateful to have her around, having let their relationship slip away, especially with all the near catastrophic happenings that seem to keep cropping up in New Orleans. If he had time to think about it, he might be worried about the face he hasn't seen her go on a date for years, but right now it's just one more thing he doesn't have to be worried about. Julia Bauer
Obrimos - Guardian of the Veil
Julia's Profile
The Order of the Silver Veil
Erin Petrakis
Obrimos - Adamantine Arrow
Raeth and Erin have a complex history, memories from New York revealed they had a prior dalliance, though they've both agreed it's best to leave that in the past. As Joe's partner and one of the few awakened members of the police force, Erin was a natural choice for leader of the Order of the Silver Veil. She's the most strong willed and determined person amongst a group of independent, strong willed people. She would fight to protect those in her charge as fiercely as a lioness guarding her cubs. Raeth's glad to have her around because she's got the conviction to do whatever it takes to the job done.
Erin's Profile
If there's a man who stands for what he believes, it's Joe Brink. Raeth would throw in with Joe in a heartbeat because he knows Joe doesn't do anything serious lightly and if he's thought over a course of action, it wasn't a quick skim. Especially after recovering their memories from New York, Joe's seen more tragedy in his life than anyone ever ought to. Having lost his wife recently, and then remembering the people he lost in New York to the Seers of the Throne, Raeth is surprised he hasn't taken more time away from home or work but then having a werewolf son is never easy. Another Cabal mate with great conviction, Joe is a great pillar for both his kids and the Silver Veil. Joe Brink
Mastigos - Adamantine Arrow
Joe's Profile
The youngest member of the Silver Veil, Ayako is a quiet, studious mage who Raeth thinks of as another younger sister. Their friendship has grown since she tragically lost her fiance, cabalmate Mike Jefferson, in an attack on New Orleans some months back. Her mentor, Devin, seems dead set on pushing every limit of patience Raeth's got. Thankfully Ayako doesn't share the same values as Devin. They've proceeded to study together to wring the most from their powers as they can. Ayako
Acanthus - Mysterium
Ayako's Profile
David Cho
Moros - Mysterium
David is the newest (or oldest?) member of the Order do to some rather unusual circumstances. Roughly ten years ago he was a member of the Silver Veil and was believed to have died in a fire. What actually happened was that he stumbled into chamber that was held in a kind of stasis from which he was released just recently in New Orleans. Having found a great many of his friends from Chicago living there and people that he'd met in New York, he decided to stay and requested to rejoin the Order.
Angel Bonham
Obrimos - Unaligned
Angel seemed like such a caring person, running her social work centered business she runs, She always seemed the most compassionate, insisting on the most humane approach possible. Then it comes out that she sees vampires as less than people. Raeth doesn't know if she's always felt that way, but the more he works with vampires, the more human they seem to him. She seems unstable of late, to say the least. Her sporadic bouts of drinking and missing meetings topped off with the memories that came rushing back from the New York incident. Raeth just wants everything to work out for the best for her, though how that can be managed...
Angel's Profile
Mike worked as a blood analyst in the same precinct as Joe and Erin. Engaged to cabalmate Ayako, having recently moved in together he tragically died in a confrontation with the member of a voodoo cabal that had been kicked out of New Orleans and came back to strike at the Order, whom they felt were most responsible. This is the same attack that Joe's ex-wife was killed in. Mike Jefferson
Moros - Unaligned
Other Contacts
If Raeth had to choose one person who cared the most about New Orleans, he wouldn't hesitate to name Tabitha. If he had to named a Vampire he was most afraid of, he wouldn't hesitate to name Tabitha. Not because he believes she has any harmful intentions pointed his way, but if for whatever reason they had to come into direct conflict, he has this terrible suspicion that all his magic might come to naught facing Tabitha. Maybe it's the way other Vampires fear and respect her, or maybe that when faced with a task, she always finds a way to complete it, however unlikely it might seem. Tabitha Devereaux
Cimitiere - Circle of the Crone
Ayako's Profile
Ghoul - Daughter of Ishtar
Raeth still isn't sure what to make of this beautiful, unassuming woman that just walked into his office, asking for favors. She seemed less complex than most women, but still a contradiction to him. She eagerly aspires to her to her Daughter of Ishtar duties, but still seems emotionally devoted to her werewolf boyfriend Blue. Though he's resigned to never truly understanding women, He'll to continue to offer her his assistance when and if she might need it as he's sure she'd do the same.
Daeva - Ordo Dracul
Raeth and Isharu both work at the Clinic for supernatural beings. Raeth actually invited her to livein New Orleans because of her talent, training and desire to heal. That and she'd be perfectly suited for the unique opportunity of healing Vampires, Werewolves and Mages. Raeth attempted cultivating a romantic relationship with Isharu but the trauma of losing the man she loved was too deeply emotionally scarring. The was further complicated by that same man reappearing and joining the Silver Veil. His name is David.
Raeth has a great deal of confidence in the acting prince, having watched how deftly she deals with the supernatural residents of New Orleans. At every turn she proves equally adept at getting people to accept her decisions as Alberto has been. She dealt easily with an attempt to remove her from her position as Regent Prince and possibly take her life. Accepting the position of bodyguard for Gabriella has kept them in close quarters a lot, which has caused it's fair share of awkward moments. Gabriella's proven to be an endless font of tact, for which Raeth is endlessly grateful. Gabriella
Daeva - Unaligned
Ayako's Profile
Power Intelligence: XXXOO Strength: XXXOO Presence: XXXXO
Finesse Wits: XXXOO Dexterity: XXXXO Manipulation: XXXOO
Resistance Resolve: XXXOO Stamina: XXOOO Composure: XXXOO
Mental Skills
Academics XXOOO
Computer XOOOO
Crafts XOOOO
Investigation XXXXO
Medicine Rote XXXOO
Occult Magic XXXOO
Physical Skills
Athletics Cardio XXXOO
Brawl Fists XXXOO
Firearms Shotguns XXXOO
Social Skills
Animal Ken XOOOO
Empathy XOOOO
Expression XOOOO
Intimidation XXOOO
Persuasion XXXXO
Socialize XXOOO
Subterfuge XXXOO
Other Traits
Virtue:Justice Gnosis:4 Wisdom:7
Vice:Wrath Health:7 Willpower:6
Matter XOOOO
Spirit XXOOO
Resources XXXOO
Enhanced Item XXOOO
Contacts XXOOO
Boxing Style XXXOO
Combat Marksmanship XXOOO
Quickdraw - Shotgun XOOOO
Rote Spells
Detect Substance
Gossamer Touch
Coax the Spirits
Soul Marks
Forensic Gaze
Aura Perception
One Mind,
Two Thoughts
Incognito Presence
Mental Shield
Augment the Mind

Organic Resilience
Heal Self
Healing Heart
Body Control
Hone The Form
Favored Weapons
870 Express Shotgun Brass Knuckles
Remington 870 Wrath & Justice

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