Akita Werewolf the Forsaken

Christian Name:
Thomas Mallory
Akita never felt like he was home anywhere, starting out life in an orphanage, later being placed in a fosterhome. Life became both harder and easier when the First Change came upon him in a fight with a bully at school. He was adopted into his pack, the Hellhouse Haunts, by the then current Pack leader, Mercedes. After the foster life became too difficult, Akita moved into the Hell house full time to pursue his crafting, art, music and combat training with renewed passion. After the Tragedy of losing Mercedes and Portia in the fight against the great fire spirit called the Blisterman, haunts, all of whom were still between 17 and 19 years old at the time, were lead by Locke and taught until such time as they could lead themselves. After Akita volunteered for pack leader, Lock returned to his pack, The Palace Guard, under Hartsblood. Akita loves the girls; Muse, Koi and Sin. He's spent so long looking after them, he wouldn't know what to do without them.
Akita is a craftsman, artist and musician. His greatest love is working/shaping material, whether it be hand carving wood or stone, or forging/smelting metal. He turned his forging layout sketches into true artistic ability in his tattoo shop that's part of the Hellhouse Arts, a shop he runs with his pack. He's also responsible for the majority of the pack's tattoos. He has two tattoos himself, one of a Gibbous Moon over his heart. The second is located on the right side of his stomach, just above his belt line and it's of a dark-haired woman with a wolf at her side staring up at the moon tattoo on his chest. The woman resembles, though not exactly, his wife who died along during the Blisterman attack. He's recently revived his interest in the Guitar to support Michael's band, Hellstorm. Akita

The Hell House Haunts
Sin has her passions and she's very... passionate about them. She enjoys squeezing as much fun out of life as she can. Because of this she usually works places where she has the most fun, as a bartender, stripper and occasionally high class escort. At times the most challenging and frustrating pack member to have, Akita would never give Sin up. Through every jaded eyeroll, resigned sigh and set of hands thrust skyward in frustration, Sin remains the most dedicated, loyal friend and packmate Akita could ask for. Akita worries about Sin in her fagile human state, needless to say, were someone to hurt her, retaliation would be swift and lethal. She's been a challenging boundaries since she started walking, according to her grandparents. Even though she's given up her wolf so she can be with the man She loves, Blue, She remains part of the pack in word and deed. Anyone who would dispute that will find their opinions corrected, firmly. Sin
Ghoul - Daughter of Ishtar
Sin's Profile
Michael Brink
Rahu - Blood Talons
The Haunt's newest pack member, Michael is considered a miracle werewolf for his ability to maintain reason when in the Gauru, or War Form. Because of this, there have been several attempts on his life, which is what brought the Haunts to New Orleans, to protect their packmate. His sarcasm and supportive nature, along with his intense desire to prove his worth has made Akita very grateful to have him around. That and it's been a nice change to have more than one man in the Hell house for the first time in a long time. Life is a bit different for Michael, worrying about vampires and mages and frankensteins, when most kids his age are worrying about grades in school. Michael is the son of Joe Brink of the Order of the Silver Veil
Michael's Profile
Irraka - Iron Master
Muse is a trickster, prone to playing pranks on family, friends, random strangers, basically whoever's handy. Akita doesn't mind this as long as she's good enough to either not get caught, or not cause too much damage. She is also prone to the social outings that Koi and Sin enjoy. Muse has a great love for art and painting and puts her painting on display at their store, Hell House Arts.
Muse's Profile
Koi has served as the pack's ritual master, which follows naturally after her auspice granting her a natural talent for it. While her husband died in the Blisterman fires, he didn't pass on to the afterlife with those the rest of the haunts had lost. She continued her relationship with him, though they could not touch, could speak and see each other. Koi
Ithauer - Iron Masters
Erin's Profile
Other contacts
His first love and wife, Reagan was all Akita knew for most of his life. After losing her to the Blisterman fires, preserving her memory was what kept Akita celibate for so long. After seeing a video of Jennifer and breaking down like the day he found out she'd died, he realized he can never lose those memories. Reagan Mallory
Akita's favorite among the Daughters of Istar because of her absolute loyalty and insistence on a great deal of sparring to keep herself and her friends in the best of shape. Her death in protecting Michael is what drew the the Haunts down to New Orleans. Akita will always feel, in part, responsible for her death, feeling that if he had come down just a few days earlier, it might have been prevented.
Daeva - Circle of the Crone
Ishtar's been like a mother to Akita, the only mother figure he's ever known, in point of fact. She was there when his foster parents thought him only a financial burden, Afflicted with Afyx at ten years old. As he lay sweating and feverish, expecting to die in misery, Ishtar appeared with cool hands and comforting words. After that, he knew without a doubt, he'd be just fine, though he couldn't say why. Akita knows Ishtar has the biggest heart in the world, just look at the Daughters of Istar, so structured around service.
Bella showed up in Akita's life just after he decided to date again. After Almost dating her cabal mate Trista, and making an ass out of himself, for which Bella graciously forgave him, Akita has been falling fast and hard for this generous soft-spoken woman. They shared a connection right from the start, both with their love of music and their love of working and shaping materials. Bella
The only werewolf that could be said to hold more honor than Horace would be Arthur. Horace's opinion carries great weight with Akita because he holds himself to the highest of standards. His support of Sin's decision to become human meant a great deal to all the Hell House. Horace
Talons of Horace Pack leader
Devin Furious
The Fallen Angel's Cabal Leader
At first, Akita had no liking for Devin. Not given to casual dalliances, her advances were firmly rebuffed. Later, after she rebuked him for some of his unkind words (however unintentional they were) regarding Bella, he began to understand her protective nature over her cabal mates and has come to respect her as he would a fellow pack leader.
Palace Guard Pack leader
Hartsblood's been a pack leader for longer than Akita's been a werewolf and for that he gives Hartsblood a great deal of respect. Akita will always be grateful to him for allowing Locke to guide the Haunts and train them until they could continue on on their own when they'd lost Mercedes as their pack leader.
A former packmate, Blue was part of the Hellhouse starting shortly after his first change, some months later he joined Hartsblood's pack, the Palace Guard, where he has remained as their resident Ithauer. Like the rest of the haunts' new members at that time, he was afflicted with the mysterious Afyx disease that struck chicago sixteen years ago. A solid, patient loner are the first words that come to Akita's mind when Blue's around. Not so lonely now that Sin's broken down his last excuse for staying single. Blue
Power Intelligence: XXXOO Strength: XXOOO Presence: XXXOO
Finesse Wits: XXXXO Dexterity: XXXXO Manipulation: XXOOO
Resistance Resolve: XXXOO Stamina: XXOOO Composure: XXOOO
Mental Skills
Crafts Metal/
Occult XXXXO
Physical Skills
Athletics XXXXO
Firearms XOOOO
Stealth XXXOO
Survival XXXOO
Social Skills
Empathy XXOOO
Expression XXXXO
Intimidation XXOOO
Persuasion XXOOO
New Orleans
Other Traits
Renown Virtue:Fortitude
Purity OOOOO Vice:Wrath
Glory XXXXO Health:7
Honor XOOOO Willpower:5
Wisdom XOOOO Primal Urge:3
Cunning XXOOO Harmony:5
Resources: XXOOO
Fighting Finesse: XXOOO
Filipeno Martial Arts: XXOOO
Striking Looks: XXOOO
Gift Name Type Level
Pack Awareness Gibbous Moon: X
Camaraderie Inspiration X X
True Leader Inspiration X X X
Straighten Shaping X
Ruin Shaping X X
Sculpt Shaping X X X
Shatter Shaping X X X X
Voice of Command Dominance X X X
Crushing Blow Strength X
Partial Change Mother Luna X
Scent of Taint Insight X X

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